As well-known saying goes “Health is wealth”, we in HLP would say “Use your Wealth for Health”.
Treat your body as you would want you to be treated by others. Nurture it, love it and treat it with the best food. The body will thank you!

After the success of “Greenhands”, we are back in our new “Avatar”- HLP World store !!
As mankind came into being, they had hunted for food or grew their own food and most important analysed the source of their food. Don’t we want to know the source of our food we eat ?
The answer is HLP World; the one-stop place for food whose source is known to us – it is grown by our own farmers organically and locally; sans chemicals and pesticides.
Our rich parenting community create some of their own products which are local and heirloom.
HLP provides the platform for accessing it by the “World” as a whole. Let us support each other and grow holistically. This is the biggest blessing in this modern era.

HLP world’s new methods as we grow bigger with you.

1. No more waiting for the month end, just look forward for the weekend.
NOW!! Daily shipment of your orders

2. None can beat the sincerity and dedication of our own parents’ community who strive each day for the best health of their family. In HLP, we have a dedicated set of parents to handle the operations.

3. We support you till you can see and touch your products. Our efficient support team handling logistics and payment.

4. Homemade, authentic, chemical free, organic, heirloom products from Parent-repreneurs of our community

HLP store project is a part of one of the major initiative by the parents of swarnaprashana.org whatsapp group, that focuses on reviving ancient wisdom. The primary object of the group is to slowly eliminate all chemically or genetically processed food and replace it with native food that has proven healing qualities. This will also be done through the homemade, fresh, authentic products by our Parent-repreneurs from our community.