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Flower essences are used to treat our emotional pains and trauma, which over time impacts our health. These pains are mostly caused by our karmic imprints. Few from our group have already been benefited by this therapy and seeing a huge shift in their physical and emotional side. After their request, we have finally designed this healing to reach more people who are in need.

One of the major seed we plant in our mind for sleeplessness are
👉🏻1 – Fear (we carry from childhood or past life) – kids of bad or ignorant parenting who instill fear in their kids will face sleeplessness later in adult life.
👉🏻2 – Not Trusting the process of life – people who have too many doubts or suspicions or think all possible negative ways things can go wrong. (again this is a from deep fear)
👉🏻3 – Guilt – We fall victim to our own mind for the past mistakes which we are not any more.

Deep Sleep is the amazing flower essence that will work at root level to release those fear, trust and guilt which we have saved inside our mind and promote you a healthy deep sound sleep.

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Weight .5 kg

3 drops – 12 to 18
6 drops – 18 and 21
9 drops – 21 and above


Best taken before bed. Recommended 30 days daily minimum.
Always face the east direction. Start on Pushya Nakshatra for better healing.
Take the drop directly in the mouth, hold it, Feel the sensation.
Then say this Affirmation 9 times “I release all the fear and guilt of my past. I trust the process of life”

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