Diwali Lehyam/Chyawanprash (500gms)


Our ancestors used to have a special chyawanprash, called as Deepavali Chyawanprash.  It helps you to detox the excess sweets we consumed and also help you to build immunity for the change in season. Along with this a gingelly oil bath is also advised to gather the Calcium required for the year.


Note – This product is available only during Diwali(preorder)

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Dried Ginger, Star Anise, Indian Gooseberry, Long pepper, Long Pepper(roots), Siru Serupadai, Curculigo orchioides, Semmuli, Ashwagandha, Senthira, Erythrina variegata, Eclipta prostrata, Valiluvai, Solanum virginianum(roots), Nanari roots, Manapagu, Native cow's milk, Rivea ornata roots, Embelia Ribes(False Black Pepper), Terminalia bellirica(Bhibhitaki), Kariyapolam


1 spoon each after meals(3 times maximum).


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