Nannari root(Coolant)(100 gms)


Nannari root is a natural body coolant which is usually had as a sherbet during summer which keep us from becoming dehydrated.

Health benefits:

  •  Nannari root is an excellent blood purifier and health tonic. Especially, if made with traditional jaggery, it is one of the best natural health tonics available and increases our energy levels
  • This nannari sherbet is reported to be an excellent home remedy for urinary infection
  • Consuming a glass of nannari sherbet is a good and effective home remedy for constipation and it also relieves  from body pain.
  • Nannari sherbet is an effective way to treat our stomach disorders without swallowing bitter pills. If you have a mild indigestion or if you are not hungry, take a cup of this nannari sherbet, you will feel better in no time.
  • People who drink the Nannari juice have been observed to lose weight over a few weeks.

Nannari /Indian Sarsaparilla/Anantamul/Sogade Beru – natural body coolant, excellent blood purifier and health tonic

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100 gms


Take 100gms of the dried root, wash it well and soak overnight with enough water. It has an outer skin which is dark brownish in color and inner portion mostly white. Some people use only the outer skin & removing the inner portion, while some use whole roots. If you want to remove the inner portion, you can easily remove it with mortar and pestle, on next day morning. Take the roots and add water around 400-500 ml and boil it. Once it starts boiling, add 250gms of jaggery or country sugar(nattu sakkarai) and cook it till one string consistency. Switch off the flame and add juice of 1 lemon. Stir well. Once it cools down you can store it in a glass bottle. Syrup is ready.
To store longer, better to keep it refrigerated.

To make a drink –
Add 2tbsps of the syrup to required water and serve. You can also add more lemon juice to it. Or can add sabja/basil seeds etc. Some do add ginger juice too .



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