Gastric Podi Version 2 (100 gms)


Gas accumulation in stomach and intestine will block the food to travel downwards which leads to gastric problem.  We might feel uneasiness in shoulders and chest. As per ancient script, this is based on Air element.

This home made podi/ powder can be used as a prevention, particularly when we eat outside food/junk food, where we might end up eating wrong combination of food.


  • Improves Digestion and releases gas.
  • Known as best remedy for Gastric Problems
  • Removes toxins in digestive system.
  • strengthen liver and smooths the blood flow.
  • Improves kidney function.

Pregnant ladies can also take this powder.

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100 gms


Purified dry ginger, Adhimadhuram, forest black pepper, Arisi thippili, Asafoetida, black salt with some other dry herbs.


9 months on wards – one pinch of your baby finger size as raw powder or in warm water.
8 years above – one pinch of your kid finger size as raw or in warm water.
12 and above all ages – one pinch as raw or in warm water.
Pregnancy women can take from their 4th month onwards.


It is best to store all these podi/ powder in air tight glass jar. You can store this podi/ powder for 3 months to be effective. Later you can mix water and pour it to plants.


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