Home made Memory Booster (100 gms)


This memory booster is suitable for all the age groups and more supportive for the people who is in lack of memory.

Continuous intake of this memory booster keeps your brain active and enhances the brain cell production. Since it helps to achieve the vitality of the brain through this stimulation the gland function will be also good.

This memory booster also helps in blood purification.

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Weight .1 kg

100 gms


Turkey berry seeds
Cumin seeds
Dry ginger seeds
Tulsi seeds
Ladies finger seeds
Adhandaikkai seeds


◆ For children, it is advised to give after crossing age 5

◆ Children age from 5 – 10: 1 pinch = 0.36 gram (360 mg)

◆ Children age from 10 – 20 : 0.40 (400 mg)

◆ for all the age groups above 20 the same it is 0.40 (400 mg)

◆ Pregnant women can consume


👉 It should be consumed before half an hour reaching to bed in the night time

👉 Sit facing the north direction

👉 The mixing ratio should be taken with 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 pinch powder of the memory booster

◆ People in menstrual cycle it is best to avoid there will be no side effects but no use of intake memory booster

👉 The way to consume this mixture is by licking it little by little through your palm

👉 Taste by mixing well with the saliva for the perfect digestion


Store in airtight container


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