Nivarani Thaila- Pain Relief Power Oil V4.0(8 ml)


A special concentrated formula prepared according to the Ayurveda. Nivarani means relief, it has the solution and ability to cure the pain in electric speed. This works effectively on the pain area or for soothing an irritation.

Benefits –
Good remedy for headache, all joint pains, hip and shoulders.

Just 100ml is more enough to the family for a month. The pic used here is just for representational purpose, The actual packaging may look different.

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1. Thymol
2. Menthol
3. Edible Kapoor (Original Grade A+)_
4. Garlic oil (pure extract)
5. Clove oil (pure extract)
6. Khus root
7. Coconut oil (Organic)


👉 It is for the external use only

👉 Apply this oil for one or two drops in the pain area and massage it well

👉 When it is utilized for the kids (under age 10) mix 10 drops of the medicated oil with the 100ml coconut oil to reduce its concentration, then it can be treated by applying 1 or 2 drops for dry cough by applying over the neck area/chest and this will react effectively to bring the mucus out smoothly

👉 just use one or two drops is more than enough to treat the pain areas and if it got exceeded then it might give the burning sensation

👉 If you are treating the headache be careful that it should not go near to the eyes, and in case if you feel any discomfort in your eyes or if accidentally got enter in to eyes, just wash the eyes in the cold water continues until it reach back to its comfort


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