Homemade Diaper Rash Salve – Parent Product(33gms)


A gentle and soothing diaper rash salve for the most tender skin. Made with the goodness of coconut oil, essential oils & soft butters like cocoa & mango which also helps to heal the skin faster.
This is also very effective in normal skin rashes like mosquito  bites, bug bites etc where there are no open wounds.

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Weight .033 kg

30 gms


Cold pressed coconut oil, Pure almond oil, Cocoa & Mango butters, beeswax, Essential oils like Chamomile, calendula, Lavender


Take a small quantity with dry hands, and spread it over the affected area very gently. Do not apply it in thick layers. Leave the area open for a while.
Note – In case of heavy rashes(like wounds) please contact your pediatrician.


Store in dry place. Do not expose it in direct sun.

Shelf life

12 months


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