Apple Beetroot Carrot Drink(250 gms)

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Improves immune system
Helps to liver detox
Purifies the blood
Helps in weight management
Relieves from constipation
Improves skin and hair health

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Additional information

Weight .25 kg

250 gms


Apple, Beetroot, Carrot, Nattu sakkarai(Country Sugar)


Mix one spoon in a glass of water.
Add it in your shakes, smoothies
Add it in you healthy bakes. etc


1. Can kids have it?
A. Yes kids above 2 years can have it.

2. Can adults have it on empty stomach?
A. Yes.

2 reviews for Apple Beetroot Carrot Drink(250 gms)

  1. Paru (verified owner)

    This drink is really amazing. It tastes delicious. Even my kid drinks it every morning. He doesn’t like milk so i was in search of a morning drink for him… All members in my family drinks this and we all liked it .. Thank you..

  2. Noor (verified owner)

    I find this drink to be too sweet, if the sweet content can be reduced then it’s going to be very full

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