Maapillai Samba Poha(500gms)


Maapillai samba is one of the traditional indigenous rice variety from Tamil Nadu which provides high stamina and strength. In the folklore tradition, it is told that this rice was served for the groom(maapillai) so that his strength can be increased to lift the stone (Ilavattakal) which is part of the traditional ritual.
It takes 160 days for harvesting and it grows up to a height of 120cm( hence it withstands heavy floods)

This variety increases the stamina.
It also has high carbohydrate and crude fibre content.
The rice washed water helps to cure mouth and stomach ulcers.
It regulates the digestion and also helps diabetic patients.

A small change in your kitchen would benefit not only you and your family but also the upcoming generations and the farmers. So lets start now!

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

500 gms



This is an organic & naturally grown produce, hence it is prone to insect infestations. It's advisable to use airtight packaging and incorporate natural repellents like neem leaves, Vasambu(Sweet Flag), dry chillies, and cinnamon. If any insects are detected, the produce can be dried in the sun as a remedial measure.


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