Poongar Rice – Unpolished(1kg)


Poo means Women and Kar means the season we grow them. It is also called as Arubadhamkodai and is believed that this variety withstands floods/droughts saving the farmers’ efforts giving good yield(in 65-70 days) Lets lend our hands to save this indigenous variety which is slowly disappearing. Poongar was the actual rice which was used for making idli/dosa batter by our ancestors, but over the time, it got replaced by the polished white rice.

Poongar arisi is famously known for its medicinal properties to enhance health especially women’s health.

Balances the hormonal functioning, regulates periods.
Increases hemoglobin naturally
Best for those who are yet to reach puberty, and those who just entered the phase.
Helps the expecting mothers for smooth delivery.
Helps to increase the breast milk supply for lactating mothers
Increases immunity, strength and overall health.

A small change in your kitchen would benefit not only you and your family but also the upcoming generations and the farmers. So lets start now!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1 kg


Make puttu, idiyappam, kanji, kozhukattai, idli, dosa..
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This is an organic & naturally grown produce, hence it is prone to insect infestations. It's advisable to use airtight packaging and incorporate natural repellents like neem leaves, Vasambu(Sweet Flag), dry chillies, and cinnamon. If any insects are detected, the produce can be dried in the sun as a remedial measure.


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