Garudan Samba Rice(2kg)


கருடன் சாம்ப | ഗരുഡന്‍ സാമ്പ | గరుడం సాంబ  | ಗರುಡಂ ಸಾಂಬ | গরুদান সাম্বা | ગરુદન સાંબા | गरुडेन सांबा

If there is an equivalent rice to black rice, it is Garudan Samba!

The word Garudan came for this rice, because, if you look at the Garuda, it has a white feather around its neck. This paddy also has a white border around its tip, so the ancient farmer’s name is as Garuda.

It takes 160 to 180 days to harvest this rare rice. It grows up to 4 feet. These crops can withstand harsh weather and need minimal maintenance.

World famous Manapparai Murukku, is made with this rice.

Once Mahatma Gandhi Ji  during a journey, reached at Manapparai Railways Junction. he enjoyed this snack, and it became famous as a travel snack over time.

Following are the benefits
Cures  Skin issues
Act as Blood Purifier
Rich in Iron content
Antioxidants tends to be the natural immune booster.
Healing body tumors, digestive disorders, and urinary tract infections.
Good for Heart Patient
Good for Weight Loss

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



Boiled rice



This is an organic & naturally grown produce, hence it is prone to insect infestations. It's advisable to use airtight packaging and incorporate natural repellents like neem leaves, Vasambu(Sweet Flag), dry chillies, and cinnamon. If any insects are detected, the produce can be dried in the sun as a remedial measure.


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