Kattuyanam Rice (1kg)


காட்டுயானம் (பச்சரிசி) | കാട്ടുയാനം | কত্তুযানম  | કત્તુયાનાં | ಕಟ್ತು ಯಾನಂ | కా. యానాం | ਕਤ੍ਤੁ ਯਾਨਾਂ

This paddy got its name, because it was cultivated at the foothills of the other paddy crops to protect them from wild elephants. This crop grows so tall that a wild elephant can be hidden inside.

Used in the control of diabetes.
Antioxidant properties can cure many heart-related diseases.
high in calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Usually, for diabetic people, nutritionists suggest avoiding rice, But there is a mention in siddha script that this rice should be used to cure diabetic. There was a study in which the Glycemic Index was studied in various rice  and the results were amazing. The Glycemic Index of Karungkuruvai, Kullakar, Kovuni, Mapillai Samba, Neelam samba, Kudaivazhai are low compared to market varieties such as White Ponni.

When GI is compared to the modern variety White Ponni, on a scale when the GI of White
Ponni is 100, it was found that the GI of Kullakar, Kavuni, Karungkuruvai and Kalanamak are
in the range 50-55 while Mapillai Samba and Kudaivazhai are in the range of 66-70. And this Kattuyanam was even lesser.

காட்டுயானம் (பச்சரிசி)


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Weight 1 kg




This is an organic & naturally grown produce, hence it is prone to insect infestations. It's advisable to use airtight packaging and incorporate natural repellents like neem leaves, Vasambu(Sweet Flag), dry chillies, and cinnamon. If any insects are detected, the produce can be dried in the sun as a remedial measure.


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