Kokum Tamarind (250 gms)


Kokum | Amlaveta | Vishambila | Amsul | Vaagu kaaya (Alternative to Tamarind) – Puli – Garcinia Indica | Punar puli

Tamarind is a major food ingredient for South Indians . Currently all tamarind which we are getting in commercial market are not the same tamarind our grand grand mothers used. It was from a mango family called as Garcinia Indica (Kokum) which was used as tamarind. It tastes sweet/sour same time. It is usually grown in Western Ghats of Kerala, few hill regions at Karnataka and Maharashtra.  Later it was replaced with regular tamarind which is not good for health. This has lot of health benefits.
After stopping  5 whites in our kitchens, tamarind is the next major item we need to replace.

Additional information

Weight .25 kg

250 gms


Best for Rasam, Sambar and other main dishes. Can be soaked in water and used like tamarind water or can be added to preparations.
Soaked Kokum water can be made into sherbets, solkadhi etc.



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