Traditional Sugar Cane Jaggery 1.1(1kg)


Before the Sugar invaded the market and our taste buds, Jaggery was the only source of Sweetener known to us. It even reached other parts of the world and many poets have quoted it as Liquid Gold (the liquid jaggery).


While there have been many controversies on the establishment of first sugar factory in India and the reasons behind why it was started, let’s not dive deep in it. Jaggery has always been associated with many festivals like Sankranti, Ugadi etc. depicts the importance of consuming it on the right time (Season) and with right ingredients (for Ugadi, we have it with Neem leaves). In fact, all our traditional sweet recipes, calls for pure native jaggery instead of the white sugar we find now. Have you ever thought the reason behind it?


Numerous Ayurvedic texts have mentioned about the varieties of sugar cane, jaggery usages, recipes, and the benefits of the ‘gur’/jaggery.  It has even been quoted in the famous classic Tamil language text, ‘Tirukkural’. But down the lane we forgot the goodness of jaggery and went behind the white and good looking but totally harmful – Sugar!

If you think it was only used in South, jaggery is used in other parts of India too in many ways like ‘Makki ki Roti, gur aur ghee’ (Maize roti, jaggery and ghee), ‘Gur ki Roti’ (Jaggery Roti) etc. It is also a part of home remedies, one being, taking jaggery with sesame seeds is great to help you warm, fight against cold and flu, and great for lungs! And thus it explains why we celebrate Sankranti with all those ingredients!


  • Helps to treat common cold, phlegm issues in body
  • Helps to relieve constipation as it helps to activate the digestive enzymes and eases the bowel movements. Having a piece of jaggery post meals would aid digestion.
  • Boosts immunity & helps to prevent anemia as it is filled with antioxidants and nutrients such as Zinc, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium.
  • Relieves from joint pains and inflammation, menstrual pains

Note – Picture used is for representational purpose only.

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Weight 1 kg

1 kg


Store in air tight containers.
As per Ayurveda, older the jaggery, more the goodness(ofcourse if you keep it out of moisture)

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