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Bottle Gourd/Calabash/Lauki/Dudhi/Ghiya/Sorakaya/Suraikkai/Sorekayi/Churakka is known mainly as a vegetable when harvested young/unmatured. When the specific species/varieties of calabash are matured and dried, they are used as containers/bottles to store many items. Hence the veggie got its name as Bottle Gourd.

It is also believed that Calabash is one of the first cultivated plants, but not for consumption, for containers! Bowls, spoons, bottles etc were made with these. Over the period, it became even musical instrument in few parts of the world.

These birds’ nest shaped containers are one of the best natural habitats for the birds instead of nests made with other materials like metal, wood etc.

Buy these for your kids and let them enjoy watching birds munching some food, or having a happy family out there!

Please read the instructions provided in the Additional Information section.

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Hang it initially where you find birds regularly.
Keep a wooden plank/cardboard under the nest.
Add some millets into the container as well as on the board beneath.
The birds will start noticing the millets outside and slowly will start coming inside.
If you wish, you can hand it there itself, or slowly move it near your garden/balcony/terrace etc. from where you can watch them closely.


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