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Bottle Gourd/Calabash/Lauki/Dudhi/Ghiya/Sorakaya/Suraikkai/Sorekayi/Churakka is known mainly as a vegetable when harvested young/unmatured. When the specific species/varieties of calabash are matured and dried, they are used as containers/bottles to store many items. Hence the veggie got its name as Bottle Gourd.

It is also believed that Calabash is one of the first cultivated plants, but not for consumption, for containers! Bowls, spoons, bottles etc were made with these. Over the period, it became even musical instrument in few parts of the world.

These containers can be used for storing water, honey, seeds, medicines etc. These ancient containers are considered as the best natural containers than mud. Mud containers though made with natural mud, the soil contaminates, the fire baking etc may reduces the natural energy the mud has.  The items stored in these containers are believed to have more prana energy which is very vital for healing and wellness of our lives.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Preparing the container to store items ~
1. Collect fresh neem leaves which are clean, pests free.
2. Store the leaves in the container for a week. Keep it aside.
3. Remove the leaves after a week and start using it for storing.
This will ensure the stored items are not attacked by insects. Good for long storage.
Please repeat this process once in 3/6 months.

Storing Water ~
1. Water can be filled and can be used as bottle. The water might taste little pungent in the first few uses, but will be better later.

Storing Honey ~
1. Give a good wipe with a dry cloth. Keep it under sun for sometime.
2. Give a good coat of beeswax – Melt the wax and pour it in the container. Rotate it such a way that it coats all the area inside. Let it dry.
3. Store the honey.
4. Do not use wet spoons/hands etc to take the honey.


Few kuduvai comes with a stand while few doesnt. You can choose options mentioned in the list and we will be sending random ones available in that options. That said, you may not be able to choose the specific kuduvai shown in pics.


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