Amethyst Pyramid


Known as the healer, also known as Thor’s stone or Gem of Fire.

💜Amplifies the creativity
💜Brings in new ideas, new thoughts, new energy, if you meditate with this stone in left hand. This will open your mind.
💜For healers or sincere seekers who are looking ways to connect to their Angels or to the other side, this stone will help you to connect with the divine.
💜Connects with Guardian Angels like Mitzrael, Manake, Habuhian, Cahatel, Hahaiah, Lelahiah, Vahuel, Tagriel, Hagiel, Jazeriel, Ambriel, Atheniel, Aziel, Cassiel, Nuriel, Phorlash, Amniziel, Jeremiel, Masteme, Michael, Scheliel, Sheratiel, Harachiel, Barachiel, and Taliahad.
💜Purifies aura and also protects, shields from Evil eye.
💜At a physical level, it boosts the hormones and stimulates nervous system, increase oxygen in blood and improves immunity.
💜Good for insomnia, Paranoia, Schizophrenia, or any psychic destruction.
💜For people who do not have clear knowledge of what gems to wear if you are a February born or born between 21st Nov to 20th Dec.
💜Stone for Thursday

💜Chakra Associated –
Apart from cleansing Crown chakra, it also removes blocks from Third Eye.

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