Carnelian – Bracelets


This is the stone of Courage and leadership. It is stone of Sakthi energy aka Isis.
Benefits –

  • Gives extreme energy and stamina to the person who has this.
  • Acts as shield from accident and thefts at home.
  • Must stone to be kept at South East of the house.
  • Improves the blood supply, regulates metabolism, increases fertility and libido.
  • Good for people who are day dreamers or people who procrastinate.
  • Spiritually, it removes fear of death.
  • People who worship Karthikeya (Muruga) this is one the must have stone in pooja room.
  • People with Mangal Dosha this is a lifesaving stone.
  • Attracts extreme energy to the woman’s womb and during cycles.
  • People who are born in August this is their birthstone.

When you hold this stone over navel or sacral chakra it will transmit positive energies, basically it will energize root or sacral chakra.

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