Spatika/Clear Quartz Japa Mala


Experience the astonishing power of our 108 hand-selected clear quartz beads Mala, a mystical representation of wholeness and unity. A genuinely singular and transforming addition to your spiritual practice and crystal collection.

Each bead is handmade and imbued with good vibes and a purpose to support you in realizing your greatest desires. The clear quartz, also referred to as the “Master Healer,” is a powerful ally for meditation, chakra balance, and spiritual development since it amplifies energy and thinking.

Features –

  • 108 high-quality, hand-selected clear quartz beads
  • Hand-knotted silk thread for enhanced durability and comfortable wear
  • Guru bead for extra spiritual guidance and anchoring
  • Tassel to symbolize enlightenment, spiritual connection, and devotion

Energetic Properties:

  • Clear quartz enhances clarity, focus, and amplifies intentions
  • Activates all chakras, promoting balance and alignment
  • Assists in connecting with higher realms and spiritual guides
  • Encourages spiritual growth and self-discovery
  • Harmonizes and purifies energy

Why is this mala so special from other Spatika Mala

  • Each bead is cleansed and energized
  • Designed for Spiritual Menstruation Teacher Course
  • The white color thread is used instead of plastic/any other color as it symbolizes root chakra and it enhances the root chakra energies
  •  Each knot is put with mantra chanting.
  • The knots are put such a way that chanting makes easier and also it avoids the clash between the beads.
  • It can be worn too for bringing more energy.

This Clear Quartz Mala, which is ideal for meditation, prayer, or as a significant piece of spiritual jewelry, invites you to embrace the holy energy. You will be accompanied by its 108 brilliant beads on your quest for healing, inner serenity, and self-discovery. This mala will become a priceless companion, bringing good vibrations into your life and fostering your spiritual development, whether you’re an experienced spiritual practitioner or are just starting out on your path.

Try our Clear Quartz Mala today to alter your life and take your spiritual practice to the next level.


Note- This is a preorder. The last date to order this mala would be 7th March 2023 12PM. The product might take 2-3 weeks for making.

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Additional information

Weight .10 kg

108+1 Guru bead

108 beads are of 7m size


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