Ethiopian Opal

A must have spiritual stone for all ESP, Lucid Dreamer, Astral Travel and Access to akashic records.
This is also known as Eye stone, Queen of Gems or Karmic Stone.

Ethiopian opal has a unique soul holograph that connect past, present and future.

  • Used for balancing and activating Base and Sacral chakras.
  • Opal can pick your thoughts and emotions and magnify them, & send back to you.
  • Used by creative people.
  • Easily stimulates flashes of intuition and insight.
  • Primarily used for spiritual practice or healing, where they can strengthen their psychic vision.

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Additional information

Weight .1 kg

These stones are ornamental grade, you can make pendant or other items as per your need or you can keep in your left palm when you meditate, or you can keep in 3rd eye or sacral chakra while healing. These stones are good for advanced grid or yantra formation too.


All these stones are cleansed. Intention is not Set. You can set your own intention as per your need. In case, if you need to set intention please leave a comment at the Remark note of the shipping. It will be done FREE of cost. But the waiting time is 1 to 3 Moon cycles.

Note – If you want us to set your intention, mention the same in remarks column present in Shipping page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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