Natural Moon Stone – AA quality – From Sri Lanka


Moonstone is also called as Travelers’ Stone.  It mainly works on many aspects of physical, mental and spiritual levels. Please go through the benefits, who must own, how to wear moonstone in the description section below. These are perfectly sized for making a pendant or a ring.

How to buy?

Ideally, the caret(weight) must be equal or higher of your Body weight/8.
Eg – If you weigh 50kgs, the stone must weigh atleast 6.25(50/8=6.25) or more.

But if you didn’t get a single stone with desired carets, you may also try buying whichever available now and later try procuring the balance carets. Or buy 2 or more stones to equate the number.

Calculate the caret, and find the approximate matching one from the dropdown below.

Note –
The size of actual stone might differ from the displayed picture as the pictures are zoomed for aesthetic purpose. Please refer to the biggest(19+gms)and smallest stone(5+ gms) sizes for an approx size.



  • Brings in Emotional Balance
  • Increases Intuition & Insight
  • Balances Hormonal Cycles and eases menstrual discomfort
  • Enhances Creativity
  • Brings Harmony in relationships
  • Induces good sleep
  • Aligns with natural rhythms
  • Helps in decision making
  • Encourages introspection and self-discovery
  • Protects aura and acts as shielding against negative energies
  • Protects throughout the journey like a Guardian Angel – hence the name Travellers’ Stone

Who must have Moon Stone?

  • Must for people born under the number 2 and 7(like birthdates with 2, 20,11, 16, 7, 25,  etc)
  • Helps people who cant make clear decisions like ones who are always confused.
  • Must have for women, children and teenagers.
  • Helps people who suffer mid life crisis.
  • People whose moon in their chart is low.

How to wear?

  • You can make a ring or pendant with the help your near by local Goldsmith
  • Metal must be silver
  • If ring, it must be worn on little finger of left hand
  • Any gender, age can wear this stone.

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