Dhanvantari Runa Roga wick(9nos in set)


You might be aware of the power of chanting and the power of Yantras, how it helps mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life. This special wick is prepared by energizing them at Dhanvantari Peetam, Walajabad Ashram. Various divine mantras are chanted by 108 priests, placing each wick over the specific yantra and in the Garbhagraha as well. The wicks contain more than 108 herbs which can help you in many aspects as mentioned in the benefits section.

Helps in minimizing –

  • Karma related diseases
  • Chronic diseases
  • Diseases caused from ancestral curses.
  • Genetic diseases carried from father’s side.
  • Diseases caused by spirits at home or black magic.
  • Various nervous issues.

Helps –

  • Overall health of children
  • Removes negative energy at home.
  • People who have blockage in buying or building house.
  • People who spend too much money on vehicle
  • People who have blocks in receiving family deity blessings

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Additional information

Weight .2 kg

9 wicks


Best time – On every Wednesdays after sunset, burn 1 wick each facing East direction.
Steps to follow –
1. Take a wick and rotate anticlockwise from your head to toe – 3 times
2. After 3rd time, keep it in an earthen lamp and light the wick.

Recommended Oils – Illupai Oil or Pure Ghee

You can do it for 9 days and/or extend it for 27 days.


1. How many wicks should I buy for one person?
A. One set contains 9 nos. which is sufficient for a person. Use them according to the steps mentioned in Usage section

2. Any other time to light it?
A. Sunset time on Wednesday is the right time.

3. I missed one of the Wednesdays, should I restart or can be continued from next Wednesday?
A. Please continue from next Wednesday onwards. No need to start again.

4. Where should I light this- home/temple?
A. Please light it inside pooja room

5. Can we use any other oil?
A. Illupai/ghee oil is the best!

6. Who can burn this wick?
A. Anybody can do. But one must do for themselves.

7. What should I do if the wick is cooled off in between? How should I discard it?
A. You can light it again. Make sure the entire wick(including the herbal pouch) is burnt. Only the soot/some ash will be remaining which you can discard in soil.


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