Saraswati Gyana Wicks(9 nos.)


Benefits –

  • Removes blockage in education
  • Removes bad luck at home and education
  • Helps in Speech issues along with the treatment
  • Helps to achieve Mantra Siddhi
  • Removes unknown and known fears
  • Removes curse from women in past life
  • Mental issues
  • Skin issues
  • Uterus related issues
  • Forgetfulness/ memory issues
  • Helps people  who lacks creativity
  • Intimacy related issues

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Additional information

Weight .2 kg

9 wicks


Sunday for Govt. Workers
Monday – for Mind related issues
Full Moon day – Overall
Wednesday – For memory or Education related issues
Friday – Married people who are facing emotional issues
2 options – i) Either light everyday for 9days and extend to 27days.
ii) Weekly once on one of the above specific day – depending on the severity of the problem.

Best time – On one of the above said day, after sunset, burn 1 wick each facing North direction.
Steps to follow –
1. Take a wick and rotate anticlockwise from your head to toe – 3 times
2. After 3rd time, keep it in an earthen lamp and light the wick.

Recommended Oil – Pure coconut oil


1. How many wicks should I buy for one person?
A. One set contains 9 nos. which is sufficient for a person. Use them according to the steps mentioned in Usage section

2. Any other time to light it?
A. Sunset time on Wednesday is the right time.

3. I missed one of the days, should I restart or can be continued from next ?
A. Please continue from next day onwards. No need to start again.

4. Where should I light this- home/temple?
A. Please light it inside pooja room.

5. Can we use any other oil?
A. Coconut oil is the best!

6. Who can burn this wick?
A. Anybody can do. But one must do for themselves.

7. What should I do if the wick is cooled off in between? How should I discard it?
A. You can light it again. Make sure the entire wick(including the herbal pouch) is burnt. Only the soot/some ash will be remaining which you can discard in soil.

8. How should I make my kid do all these process?
Let the kids touch the wick before lighting, mother can light it on behalf of kid. Let the kid(s) be in the same place for sometime. You can do chanting Saraswati mantras, keerthanams, sholkas etc together.


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