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There are various herbs that is meant for each angel as per the ancient transcripts. This wick is prepared by Tantric experts, who are initiated in this process. Each herb is taken with proper permission from Mother Nature, the curse is removed and packed as per the Siddha methods. It takes a long time to prepare this kind of wick. We have only limited stock. So, order it only, when there is special need. Otherwise, let others take it as they might need this.

1. Psychological problem related to fear.
2. Obstacle at office due to politics
3. Relationship issues
4. Child Related mental issues.
5. Family protection.

Please check Additional Information for usage and more details.

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Additional information

Weight .20 kg



Daily 8 wicks should be placed in ghee in earth lamp.
The earth lamp once used should not be used next day.
Start Lighting it on a Sunday at Rahu Kalam and continue daily for 5 days. You can start on a Ashtami thithi also..
After you light, please watch the lamp & be in that space to experience the divine energy of Ashta Kala Bhairav.

Additional Information

If you are willing to learn, a detailed version of this ritual is available. You can join the recorded version of this online program(paid). Please reach out to us via online chat support for the same.

1 review for Special Bhairav Wick

  1. Archana Dwivedi

    Two moths back we used special kaal bhairav wick, I must say we can feel its strong presence, in the description mentioned while burning it sit and see the light and believe me while doing that I could really felt some vibration near my heart chakra and aagnya chakra. Very very power.

    • HLP World Store Team

      Amazing to know this! It is one of the special wicks at our store which are made through a long process. Hence, anyone who lights it with good intention, can experience the change. Thank you so much for your review. Stay blessed!

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