Special Balarishta Graha Dosha Rescue Anjanam (Kajal)


A special Anjanam prepared by seasoned tantric experts, this Anjanam covers all major 16 doshas we learnt in the Balarishta Gurukul.

It recovers any one from the 16 doshas and acts as a shield for them.

This can also be used a special drishi for prevention for blackmagic or negative energy.

This is prepared with more than 18+ herbs, and energized on special day on specific shield yantra.

1. As it is prepared in a specific day, nakshatra and in proper hora, this combination will not happen often, hence the limited availability.
2. Since it was prepared in very low quantity for a remedy, we are sharing the extras with the Balarishta Gurukul Students. Hence requesting you to use it wisely.

Note – This kajal is not available currently. Kindly click on ‘Add to Waiting list’ and we will inform you when it is back in stock via email notification.

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Use it for 27 days minimum.
1 – Apply as bindi or in cheek or back of the ear
2 – Apply in bottom of foot
3 – For adults, apply on eyebrow.


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